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Gold Medal Stainless Steel Funnel Cake Pitcher

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This is a sturdy, 1 1/2 quart stainless steel, funnel cake pitcher. Perfect for busy Funnel Cake locations. Buy more than one to keep up with demand.
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Keeping up with demand is the key for any Funnel Cake Concessionaire. Having a sturdy funnel cake pitcher helps. The nozzle is slightly wide at the opening, then narrows, allowing for just the right amount of batter when pouring. Tilt at just the right angle to pour a steady stream of funnel cake batter into your funnel cake ring (# 410200). For the perfect funnel cake go around the inside edge of the ring. Then go back and forth horizontially , and vertically. The funnel cake should have some holes to make it airy and easier to cook through. Don't make it too thick. A funnel cake should be light and airy, and a light golden brown.

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