Francis Coppola Riesling grapes are grown in the cool vineyards of Monterey County, where moderate daytime temperatures and a prevailing fog lengthens the growing season so that the grapes ripen more slowly. This condition, coupled with brisk nighttime temperatures, help the fruit retain its crisp, natural acidity, which is vital to creating a wine that balances sweetness with vibrancy. Riesling is a varietal that can be crafted in many styles, ranging from bone dry to extremely sweet. Because Coppola wants its Sofia Riesling to pair well with food, the vineyard opts to create an off-dry wine with a touch of sweetness offset by crisp natural acidity on the palate. To accomplish this, Coppola arrests fermentation as it reaches the very end of the process when there is just a bit of sugar left in the wine, making for a refreshing food-friendly wine.

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