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Show your office you care by providing the coffee brand they have come to know and trust for more than 150 years. Folgers delivers quality in every pot by bringing you the best Mountain Grown flavor in-an-easy-to-use, no-mess filter pack. The perfect solution for office operators everywhere!

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  • Medium roast
  • Folgers coffee made from Mountain Grown beans
  • Commercial Brewers Only
  • Coffee and filter all in one
  • 1 pack = 1 pot = 8-10 cup
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Make enjoying your favorite coffee every morning easier than ever by using Folgers Filter Packs® Coffee, Classic Roast® (.9 oz. packs, 30 ct.). These packs include multiple coffee filters that contain pre-measured Classic Roast ground coffee, Folgers signature blend.

About Folgers Filter Packs Coffee, Classic Roast

This package contains three resealable bags that hold 10 Folgers Filter Packs each, for a total of 30 coffee filter packs. Each filter holds a pre-measured amount of Folgers ground coffee, perfect for making one pot, or about eight-10 cups. These Folgers coffee filter packs are not only convenient and mess-free, but are filled with Folgers' Classic Roast, a delectable, medium-roast coffee sourced from the finest Mountain Grown coffee beans.

Who Needs These Folgers Coffee Filter Packs?

Anyone who loves a good cup of coffee but finds themselves short on time. These coffee filter packs fit into any standard drip coffee maker with an eight-10 cup pot. Simply place the filter in the basket, ensure the machine is filled with a pot of water and flip on the switch to commence the brewing process. In just a few minutes you will have a hot, fresh pot of Folgers Classic Roast to savor. Convenient Folgers filter packs are ideal for use at home as well as the office. You and your coworkers can brew a pot easily and without leaving a mess of coffee grounds behind.

How Can I Best Enjoy Folgers Filter Packs Coffee, Classic Roast?

Though Folgers Classic Roast filter packs are delicious on its own, there are many ways to enjoy its flavor and aroma even more. These coffee filter packs save you time, so you can enjoy more moments of relaxation with your favorite hot brew. Make the most of the coffee's rich flavor and distinct aroma by enjoying it with a sweet pastry or breakfast cookie biscuit. Enhance the taste with creamer and/or sugar if desired. For a gourmet coffee shop treat in the comfort of your own home or workplace, pick up a couple of bottles of flavored syrup and add a few squirts of French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, Irish cream or other delectable flavors to your morning brew.

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