More Categories in Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Get rid of the dirt. Keep the carpets and floors in your space clean with the right floor cleaning supplies. Whether you’re looking for a carpet steam cleaner or a vacuum, you’ll find what you need at Sam’s Club®.

Mops and Broom

For a quick cleanup of light dirt and spills, it is hard to go wrong with the classic mop and broom. You’ll find a variety of choices, ranging from the strong wet mops to dust mops designed for hardwood flooring. Choose between single mops and multi-piece mop systems that include a bucket or wringer.

Sam’s Club also offers different types of brooms designed for specific tasks. Some indoor brooms are made with synthetic fiber while others come with bristles. Both options are suitable for cleaning dust particles and fine dust. Push brooms are ideal for covering large areas, while straw brooms are tailor made for sweeping walkways and the deck.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

Don’t just get rid of surface dirt. Instead, go beneath the surface and eliminate fungus, germs and mites with a steam cleaner. Modern steam cleaners come in a variety of designs. Steam mops are a popular pick because they’re versatile and easy to use. However, you’ll also find handheld cleaners and heavier units that deliver a deeper clean.


Vacuums are a must-have if you’re constantly dealing with dust and dirt. You’ll find an appealing range of choices at Sam’s Club, including handheld vacuums that are great for lighter tasks like cleaning upholstery as well as upright vacuum cleaners suitable for deep carpet cleaning. Sam’s Club also stocks useful vacuum accessories such as disposable vacuum bags.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners provide an easy solution to floor cleaning at home or the office. They can be used to clean dirt, dust and debris as well as liquid spills. Sam’s Club offers an assortment of options in different sizes and with a range of features. If you’re looking for a wet-dry vacuum, the two most important features that you’ll want to consider are the horsepower ratings and tank capacity. For heavy-duty cleanup tasks, choose models that come with a higher horsepower rating. You should also take into consideration the length of the unit’s cord as well as the size of your storage space. Regardless of if you need an upholstery cleaner or carpet steam cleaner, Sam’s Club has you covered.