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Master Grade Premium Light Industrial  Knife Sharpener

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Master Grade Premium sharpener is built not only by an engineer but an expert in the knife industry.
This product is manufactured using the finest materials obtainable to ensure fine
performance and lasting durability.

Master Grade has exclusive patented angle guides that will sharpen the blade’s wide (spine) up
to 4 mm or 0.15” and maximum blade contact high up to 0.08” therefore able to create a perfect
bevel for knife. Most knife brands only sharpen blades up to 0.03” high, meaning that it will not
be able to create a new bevel when it’s dull specifically conventional knives. Master Grade’s
unique angle guides prevent this problem.


  • Designed for most kitchen knives including recurved blade (aka hawksbill or
  • tourne blade)
  • The perfect bevel’s blade will extend cutlery life up to ten times
  • The Premium model will not work on serrated or single edge
  • Premium Soft stone technology minimizes burr.
  • Angle guides maintain 15 degree blade edge
  • Works for thicker knife/cleaver
  • Sam’s Club VALUE PACK includes Japanese 5.5” Usuba knife

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