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  • 1,080 green apple gumballs
  • Dubble Bubble name brand
  • Ideal for filling bulk vending machines
  • 23 mm diameter gumballs
  • 24 month shelf life
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Dubble Bubble® Green Apple Gumballs (23 mm., 1,080 ct.) are brought to you by the number one brand of gumballs in the entire bulk vending industry. Dubble Bubble brands many gumballs with their Dubble Bubble gum logo, which gives customers the well-known guarantee that they are getting a quality Dubble Bubble gumball from a quality supplier. Dubble Bubble branded machines are also proven to increase sales.

What Do They Really Taste Like?

Some people like red apples and some like green. The green apples are quite a bit more tart, a little more sour and some might say even a bit more sophisticated than their red-colored counterparts. If you fall into the green apple camp, you'll love these Dubble Bubble Green Apple Gumballs, with their bright green color and classic sweet and tart green apple flavor.

Are There Benefits to Chewing Gum?

Surprisingly, there are. Chewing gum like Dubble Bubble Green Apple Gumballs can help to wake you up if you're feeling drowsy, reduce stress or anxiety and may possibly help you stave off cravings between meals. Chewing gum helps to relieve ear pain from altitude when flying, hiking, skiing, etc. It may also help to fight nausea and heartburn and improve memory.

About Dubble Bubble Gumballs

Created in 1928 by an accountant at Fleer Candy Company named Walter Diemer. The Philadelphia company was searching for a non-sticky formula that could allow children to easily blow bubbles. Walter made it and then lost the recipe the next day. After four long months, he finally recreated the formula with only one snag: the only food coloring available in the factory was pink. Thankfully, the color was a hit and it soon became the standard chewing gum color. Dubble Bubble gum originally featured comic strips about two brothers named Dub and Bub who were later replaced by the Pud character in 1950. The candy grew in popularity and was even distributed as a part of regular military rations during World War II. It also was part of the first-ever gum five-pack, introduced in 1957. Dubble Bubble joined the Tootsie Roll Industries family in 2003, adding its standing as the world's number one bubble gum brand to the world's favorite lineup of candies.

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