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  • Purified according to U.S. purification standards
  • Mineralized water delivers a clean crisp taste
  • Dasani water keeps you hydrated
  • Convenient size to carry while traveling
  • Buy in bulk to prepare for any emergency
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Water is vital to life. Humans need water to survive and Dasani® Purified Bottled Water (16.9 oz., 32 pk.) provides this essential fluid in an easy to carry bottle.

Why Is Dasani Unique?

Dasani's goal is to hydrate consumers every day with clean crisp water. Having the proper amount of fluids in your body is vital to everyday health. The easiest way to provide this hydration is via drinking water. Dasani Purified Bottled Water is enriched with a specific blend of minerals. These help to deliver a pure, clean taste.

Is Dasani Purified Bottled Water Really Convenient?

Dasani water is very easy to access on the go. Sometimes we are so busy running that we can lose track of how much water we drink, or forget to drink it altogether. Dasani drinking water comes in a convenient bottle so you can always reach for one to quench your thirst. This bottle fits perfectly in your vehicle's cup holder or can even be put in an outside pouch of a backpack or diaper bag.

How Purified Water Is Made

Purified water begins with water that can come from any source. This water is then put through a filtration process. This process has to meet the purified water standards of the United States Pharmacopeia and United States Food and Drug Administration. Dasani bottled water goes through a five-step process. First, they start with local water and put it through carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, then through UV disinfection, re-mineralization and finally, ozonation. The result is pure, safe, clean bottled water.

Order in Bulk

Now that you understand what sets Dasani Purified Bottled Water apart, don't resort to buying simply one bottle at a time. Buy them in bulk so you make sure you never run out of this essential fluid

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