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  • Convenient quantity for an after-school snack
  • Delicious pretzel snacks
  • Creative flavor and great taste for everyone
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Your child's friends will love coming to your house if you give them Combos® Pizzeria Pretzel 1.80 oz. (18 ct.) pretzel snacks. The Combos Pizzeria Pretzel snacks are made with a unique flavor and excellent texture. The pizza pretzel is a favorite among children and offers a fun twist on the typical soft pretzel. The spices in the pizza seasoning make for just a little kick but these aren't spicy pretzels. These pretzel snacks will keep your child and their friends satisfied. They are also delicious for adults and can be eaten by people with all flavor interests. If someone likes pizza and someone also likes pretzels, these will be the best snack to choose because Combos pretzels are a combination of different flavors all in one bite.

What Are Soft Pretzel Bites?

Imagine a regular soft pretzel but made into bite-sized pieces. Then imagine that these pieces are seasoned like pizza and there you have the Combos Pizzeria Pretzel.

Can I Still Enjoy this Type of Pretzel with Cheese?

Yes, you sure can. As they say, it's always better with cheese. A Combos Pizzeria Pretzel can be dipped into a cheese sauce. These are also cheese filled pretzels so you can get a lot of cheese in one bite if you also dip it.

Why Combos Pretzels?

It is kind of explained in the name why Combos Pizzeria Pretzel snacks are a good choice. Combos pretzels combine different flavors for a unique tasting experience. The delicious ingredients can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They make a filling and unique snack that you can enjoy throughout the day. The bulk pack is convenient for a group of people especially if you choose to pair this snack with some dips or other items. You can create an interesting appetizer spread for a dinner party by placing a bowl of Combos Pizzeria Pretzel snacks on the table in addition to some bowls of chips, nuts and maybe a tray of meats and cheeses. The versatility of this product is almost too good to believe.

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