Satisfy the craving for sweet, gooey and fragrant pastries with Cloverhill® Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls (4 oz. Rolls, 12 ct.). This pack is perfect for sharing, for resale at shops and enjoying alongside a fresh coffee for the ideal sweet treat.

How Are These Cinnamon Rolls Made?

Just as good as homemade, these Texas-sized cinnamon rolls are made with rich and flaky pastry that's wrapped around delectable cinnamon and sugar. They're baked to perfection then drizzled with a decorative and delicious frosting glaze, making each mouthful a sweet and cinn-ful experience.

Who Makes Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls?

For 40 years, Cloverhill bakery has proudly crafted and distributed these tasty pastries. The company is known for its fresh, homestyle desserts that are individually wrapped to preserve freshness. Cloverhill strives to bring people treats made with traditional recipes. Whether eaten alone, with co-workers, friends or family, these cinnamon rolls can save you time, as well as money, by avoiding trips to the bakery and purchasing them in bulk.

How to Best Enjoy Cloverhill Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls

Unwrap a soft cinnamon roll, heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds and enjoy with a fresh coffee for the perfect pick-me-up. Start your day this way and sink your teeth into these bakery-like desserts each morning, without even leaving your home. These breakfast cinnamon rolls are a wonderful addition to work and school lunch boxes.

Great for the Holidays

Cloverhill Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls are delicious year-round, but there's also something special about waking up on a holiday morning, smelling that irresistible aroma of the warm pastries and enjoying each soft bite surrounded by family. These treats are a convenient time saver and are ready to be devoured. Just take them out the package, warm them in a microwave and savor with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. These soft cinnamon rolls are also ideal for sharing at holiday office parties.

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