Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper (30 Huge Rolls)

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    • Soft 2-ply toilet paper
    • Softer than the leading bargain brand
    • Long lasting
    • Clog safe and septic safe
    • Roto Rooter approved
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    Upgrade your toilet paper to Charmin® Essentials Soft Toilet Paper™ (30 Huge Rolls) for a better feel and cleaning. Soft and long-lasting, you can't find a toilet paper more comfortable to use than this.

    Why Use Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper?

    Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper guarantees a pleasant bathroom experience. Thanks to the extra soft texture—softer than the leading bargain brand—these bathroom tissues offer a satisfying and comfortable use. Smooth and cushiony, it won't irritate or bother your skin when in contact. Plus, because of its soft 2-ply design, these toilet papers are made of two layers to help with absorption.

    Long-Lasting Toilet Tissue Paper

    Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper is not only super soft, but also long-lasting. With just a few sheets, you can safely clean up most messes. Whether it be on yourself or on a surface, you can always rely on this pack of toilet paper. Its thick and soft texture can pick up and soak up dirt and filth without breaking apart easily.

    Giant Toilet Tissue Rolls

    This pack of Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper consists of 30 huge rolls. Each roll contains three times as many sheets as their regular toilet paper roll. Not only does this give you more value for your money, but now you don't have to replace your toilet paper as often since one roll will last you longer because of the number of sheets per roll it contains, and because it's more absorbent. This entire pack of 30 rolls is equivalent to over 93 rolls of their regular toilet paper.

    Clog and Septic-Safe

    With Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper, you can flush them down the toilet without having to worry about it clogging. These bathroom tissues are strong enough to hold up when in use, but easily start to break down when flushed into the drain lines. Now you can flush your toilet with confidence without experiencing any plumbing problems afterward.

    Roto-Rooter Approved

    Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper is approved by America's largest plumbing and water cleanup service company—Roto-Rooter. Tested and used by the plumbers of Roto-Rooter, they've found Charmin Essentials to be one of the safest toilet papers on the market, and that's because of how flushable and clog-free it is.

    Great for Large Families

    Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper is specially designed to serve large families. With many people living in your household, you're going to run through toilet paper fast. Luckily, this big pack of bathroom tissues provides more than enough rolls for your family to use. Lasting several weeks, store one or two packs in your home so you don't have to constantly run back and forth from the store.

    Who Makes these Toilet Papers?

    These toilet papers are made by the brand Charmin which is owned by the company Procter & Gamble. Founded back in 1837, they've created many health, personal care and hygiene products which have currently become household staples across America. One of them being Charmin Essentials Soft Toilet Paper.

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