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Cameron's Specialty Coffee Gold Roast Sumatra Blend Ground Coffee (10 oz., 3 pk.)

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This coffee delivers a full body and rich flavor, roasted medium-dark. Cameron's Gold Roast Sumatra Blend is a well balanced, fragrant cup of coffee.
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Cameron's Gold Roast Sumatra Blend Ground Coffee

All the bold character of our Sumatra blend in a perfect golden roast. Enjoy a smooth and satisfying cup of coffee.

Rich in flavor... Subtle, yet complex... Just a few words that discriminating coffee drinkers have been using to describe Cameron's Coffee since 1978. What can we say? It's all in the bean. After seeking out the world's finest coffee plantations, we select only the highest quality, specialty grade Arabica beans. These beans are typically grown at a higher altitude, usually 4,000-5,000 feet above sea level. The higher altitude makes the coffee cherry mature slower and stay on the tree longer, resulting in a finished coffee bean that is more dense, less acidic, and has naturally lower levels of caffeine. Then we carefully blend, roast, and package them in our state-of-the-art facility, delivering the freshest coffee to you. Is it worth the effort? Taste for yourself. We have a hunch you’ll be savoring the true, delightful character of our coffee one delicious sip after another.

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