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Beat the Goalie Kinetic Gumball

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  • Single player station
  • Vends gumballs, jawbreakers or 27 mm bouncy balls
  • Winner every time
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New revenue from a new bulk vendor! Beat the Goalie, a single player kinetic gumball machine, will thrill and delight players as they win prizes. Vends multiple prize options.

Beat the Goalie is an attractively LED-lit machine which will draw players, like bugs to a light. Designed for amusement operation, there are operator adjustable settings that allow you to program the machine to maximize play and revenue. Vends gumballs, jawbreakers and 27 mm bouncy balls, with a winner every time.

These 24 mm gumballs or 27 mm high-bounce balls drop into the top of the ramp and begins a gravity-powered series of twists and turns. On its way to the bottom, it encounters a series of characters bumpers, or guards that extend and retract from the playfield. If one of these bumpers pushes the gumball or bouncy ball off the ramp, then the item is vended and the game is over. However, if the item makes it all the way to the end of the ramp and past the last bumper, another gumball or ball is released onto the ramp. Operator controls the play parameters.

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