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  • Cheetos cheese snacks made with real cheese
  • Delicious, crunchy cheese snacks
  • Large bag (27 ounces) is ideal for sharing with friends, family, loved ones and even enemies
  • 160 calories in every, delicious serving of cheese snacks
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A much loved cheesy snack for any occasion, Cheetos® Crunchy (27 oz.) snacks are sure to satisfy.

What Is Cheetle?

Cheetos Crunchy cheesy snacks are notorious for leaving your fingers caked in their delicious cheesy coating. The sensation of having your fingers coated in Cheetos cheese is commonly known as, "cheetle." There are many ways to go about removing it from your fingertips, while the most obvious way is to lick it off. With Cheetos Crunchy snacks, the cheetle affords you almost a second serving of delicious cheesy flavor, so why let it go to waste by wiping it off on a paper towel or napkin (or your pant legs, if you dare)? No one's going to judge you for enjoying those last cheesy remnants of your Cheetos cheese snacks. In fact, you can rest assured that anyone enjoying these cheese snacks in the privacy of their own homes won't think twice about licking the cheetle from their fingertips. So, go ahead!

Are Cheetos Cheese Snacks Made with Real Cheese?

Yes, Cheetos Crunchy snacks are in fact made with real, cheddar cheese. The real cheese seasoning used on your Cheetos crunchy cheese snacks contains cheddar cheese, whey, milk cheese cultures, salt and enzymes. The combination of these ingredients allows for a deliciously cheesy seasoning that covers everyone's fingertips in that notoriously tempting cheetle coating.

Large Bag for Sharing

And don't just go about being the only cheetle victim, this large bag of Cheetos cheese snacks is perfect for sharing with friends, family, loved ones and even enemies. You know the old saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," well, not much could keep your enemies closer than sharing some delicious cheese snacks with them. Just don't let them double dip their hands after licking the cheetle off of their fingertips: that's a sure-fire Cheetos crime.

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