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Augason Farms Meat Substitute Pack - #10 cans - 6 pk.

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High-quality items for your emergency food storage needs.

  • 19 cents per serving
  • 303 total servings
  • up to 10 year shelf life
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Augason Farms Food Storage Meat Substitute Pack includes a variety of savory, meat flavored, vegetarian substitutes. These juicy, vegetable-based meat substitutes have the look, texture and flavor of real meat. Flavors in the pack include beef, bacon, chicken and taco. These palate pleasers are protein based and substitute nicely in any recipe calling for meat. Use them with confidence in salads, tacos, stews, meat pies, sandwich fillings, rice or potato garnishes, stir-fry, patties, spaghetti, pastas and chili, just to name a few.

With more than 40 years of experience providing the best in food storage at the highest quality, Augason Farms is the place to turn for all your food storage and emergency preparedness needs. Great taste and nourishing products have been their hallmark for generations. When you choose Augason Farms, you’re not only selecting food you can count on, you’re getting delicious peace of mind.

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