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ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater, Brown (38.5" x 31.5" x 47.5")

About this item

  • 2"-4" of real foam insulation in every panel
  • Pass-through, self-closing, insulated door
  • Insulated raised floor for a dry and warm bedding area
  • Electric floor heater included - 18" x 18" pad
  • Sized for medium to large dogs
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The Deluxe Dog Palace is a rotationally molded plastic house. It is made from material that can be commonly found in outdoor play ground products. All panels of these products are filled with recycled ESP foam. ESP foam (expanded polystyrene) can be commonly found in drinking cups. It is also used as an insulation material in construction.

To demonstrate the real value of insulation, we conducted an experiment on the Dog Palace with and without insulation. (Note: This product is only sold with insulation and door.) The results of the experiment reflects the heat retention inside the Dog Palace using a common 100 watt light bulb (no other source of heat). At an outside temperature of 40 degrees the insulated Dog Palace will be 70 degrees inside while the Dog Palace without insulation will be approximately 45 degrees inside. At an outside temperature of 0 degrees the insulated Dog Palace will be 30 degrees inside while the Dog Palace without insulation will be approximately 4 degrees inside. An average dog's body heat will raise the temperature inside the Dog Palace 25 degrees in the winter without the floor heater, therefore if the outside temperature is 25 degrees, with an average dog inside the Dog Palace the temperature is approximately 50 degrees.

The Dog Palace consists of six panels that connect together and are then held in place with 8 screws. It is very easy to assemble and takes little time. The door comes assembled to the front end panel. Each panel is initially hollow and is filled with insulation material. Every panel is filled with insulation material giving your pet real insulation in its home. This unit features 2" - 4" of real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation in each panel. The unique easy pass-through self-closing door design keeps wind to a minimum and closes itself. The special designed door is made in two pieces, and the bottom half is removable for initial training if needed. The Dog Palace is sized for medium to large dogs (small Labrador through small St. Bernard).

Another unit available on – the "DP Hunter" – is sized for small dogs (beagles, basset hounds, pugs, etc.) or cats. The self-storing floor is raised 4" to provide a dry and warm bedding area. The floor is sloped and has a drain hole to make cleaning a breeze: just hose down and the water runs out. Your pet can see out while it rests in comfort (the ventilation windows are see -through). This item makes a beautiful addition to your back yard while keeping your dog clean, warm and comfortable. For those cooler months, this unit comes with its own floor heater that adds extra warmth and comfort to your dog's house. This unit is specifically designed for this Dog Palace, but is applicable to many dog houses and applications. For the Dog Palace, this heater fits perfectly, and the dog house has a port in the back designed so the electrical cord exits the rear of the house and keeps the dog or you from tripping over the cord. This floor heater unit has a built in thermostat and electrical fuse to provide a safe low temperature. UL/ROHS electrical components are used. This product can provide comfortable warmth for your pet outdoors, but it also works great for other pet areas like garages, kennels, etc. Like the name implies, this is the Deluxe Dog Palace, and it has it all. Your best friend deserves the best.

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