Sushi Plates, Lunchboxes, Chopsticks & More

Many restaurants with Japanese dishes are often teeming with customers. But part of the experience is the presentation, and the food needs to be prepared and displayed properly. That’s why Sam’s Club has beautiful sushi plates at prices that make sure you have enough on the busiest nights. You’ll find plates and bins of different sizes for every order, along with sushi rollers and compartment lunch boxes for Japanese combination meals. You’ll also find noodle bowls, chopsticks and more at Sam’s Club.

Let the amazing selection of Asian kitchen accessories at Sam’s Club help you stay in your budget and still stay true to the restaurant’s experience. Get the best chopsticks, lunchboxes, sushi plates and everything else you need all in convenient one-stop shopping. Find the Asian kitchen accessories you need at prices that will make stocking up easy at Sam’s Club, today!

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