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Ariel Triple Flavor Soft Serve Ice Cream and Yogurt Machine, High Capacity

About this item

• Perfect for serving soft serve ice cream, yogurt, gelato, custard, and sorbet.
• Can offer 2 individual flavors + 1 swirled flavor.
• Includes a Pasteurization System: this system involves heat treating dairy products for a period of time in order to kill bacteria – this allows for the maintaining of the dairy product for up to 2 weeks.
• Can include an Air Pump System: this system increases the overrun which makes the product smoother and softer in texture.
• Includes two hoppers (each hopper can hold 3.30gallons) – maintains the temperature of mix under 41 degrees Fahrenheit in both Auto and Standby mode.
• Includes two freezing cylinders (each cylinder has a 0.71gallon capacity).
• Comes with Inverter System (flexible speed control) – each hopper has its own motor and each motor is controlled by an inverter – the inverter controls the speed of the motor and this is what determines the texture of the product when it is dispensed.
• Comes with easy to use touchscreen LCD panel.
• Quieter in terms of noise emitted and generates less heat (since it is air cooled) then our competitor’s machinery.
• Warranty covers 3 years for the compressor and 1 year for parts.
• ETL certified.

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Whether you own an ice cream parlor, a frozen yogurt shop, are a franchisee of a national Italian Ice chain or you are a restaurant owner who serves both gelato and custard style desserts, you want to serve your customers the best dessert possible. Having the right soft serve machine is the key to providing your customers with the best tasting product. The Ariel-273SHL is the machine for you.
Ariel is a trusted source for premium soft serve equipment and is committed to providing a high-end line of dessert equipment at a competitive price. The Ariel-273SHL is very popular in locations such as ice cream and yogurt shops, specialty dessert stores, restaurants, and cafeterias.The Ariel 273SHL is equipped for soft serve ice cream, yogurt, gelato, and custard. Ariel is a trusted source for premium soft serve equipment and is committed to providing a high-end line of dessert equipment at the best price available.

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