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  • • Clinically proven to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce next-day soreness after physical activity.
  • • Plant-Based Amino Acids (BCAAs + Glutamine + Arginine) absorb 3x faster than protein for instant delivery to muscles, resulting in reduced recovery time.
  • • Contains no artificial ingredients, with only 2g sugar and 60 calories per serving, providing light and refreshing functional hydration that won't weigh you down.
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Consider the following fact about your exercise and conditioning: You work out in order to recover. And when your muscles are worn down, the first hour after you finish working out is particularly important. It’s a window of opportunity to jump-start and maximize muscle repair by giving your body the nutrition it needs to begin rebuilding and reenergizing. Because busy schedules or restricted diets often make it impractical or impossible to consume those nutrients as food, the best answer is supplementation.

Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery is the most advanced BCAA Amino Acid supplement formulated to instantly feed your muscles, and clinically proven to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce next-day soreness after physical activity.
Rapid Recovery drink mix absorbs 3x faster than protein by using the purest and more easily digested Plant-Based Amino Acids (2:1:1 BCAAs, L-Arginine, & L-Glutamine), with just enough Complex Carbohydrates and Electrolytes to rapidly activate muscle repair and fight fatigue before it sets in. With Rapid Recovery, less does more. Using only the highest quality amino acids made from natural plant-based ingredients produces better absorption, better taste, and better results in a lower dose compared to conventional animal-derived amino acids, which often contain artificial fillers, flavors, colorings, and other ingredients to mask the taste. Rapid Recovery contains no artificial ingredients, no caffeine, no gluten, and no GMO’s. With only 2g sugar and 60 calories per serving, it adds a refreshing blueberry flavor to your water, and offers a lighter, faster, and more effective aid for rebuilding and reenergizing your muscles. 

Not only is Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery drink mix fast-acting, it’s even faster to take on-the-go! Available in convenient single-serve stick packs for easy pouring in your water bottle, you can take Rapid Recovery when and where your muscles need it most. No more measuring, blending, or powdery mess.

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