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  • Ale 8 Soda original formula
  • Real ginger and citrus flavors
  • Made in Kentucky
  • Great with grilled foods and snacks
  • Each case contains 24 bottles
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Nowadays, the norm for soft drinks is copying other soft drinks. The variety of colas on the shelves are simply re-labeling their products with infused, artificial flavors. Raspberry cola, blueberry cola, diet pomegranate cola... the list goes on. Whatever happened to originality, delivered from a small mom-and-pop operation from the heart of America? Those bottles are still around, in low sugar beverages called Ale-8-One®. This Ale-8-One (12 oz. bottles, 24 pk.) package provides an ample amount of Ale 8 Soda that will keep you satisfied for days or weeks.

What Does Ale-8-One Taste Like?

Unlike anything you've ever had. The typical soda includes vast amounts of sugar that could fill up an entire bottle. Ale-8-One based their formula off of ginger and citrus, in the natural form. Ginger ale has long been a popular way to literally make people feel better, famously considered as a way to treat headaches and other ailments about a half-decade ago. You get a fresh citrus taste with natural ginger, resulting in one of the finest soft drinks ever created.

What Are Some Good Foods to have with Ale-8-One?

Another reason you might be asking, "Where can I buy Ale 8?" is during game day, when you're cooking up some delicious meat and potatoes on the grill. Always good to have with steak, you can pop open a bottle during those hot days, where citrus and ginger taste best. Or, if you're indoors watching a movie and just heated a massive bag of popcorn, Ale-8-One will provide a refreshing taste to complement those salty snacks.

Where Can I Buy Ale-8-One?

When it comes to Ale-8-One, where to buy depends on where you live. You can usually find the bottle at Sam's Club locations close to Kentucky, where Ale-8-One was born.

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