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  • Delicious kettle corn popcorn
  • Easy to make
  • Small dash of sugar, salt and butter
  • Great for movies
  • 100% gluten-free
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When it's time to watch a movie inside the comforts of your home, you know exactly how to prepare. Switch up your clothes into a comfy pair of pajamas, elevate your seating and surround yourself with pillows. If it's a scary movie, don't forget the teddy bear you'll need to squeeze for those frightening scenes. Then, make sure to grab ACT II® Kettle Corn Microwave Bags (28 ct.), because a movie without popcorn just isn't the same.

What Do ACT II Kettle Corn Microwave Bags Taste Like?

Amazing. This brand of kettle popcorn features 100% whole grain popcorn, which also brings in positive nutritional elements. Besides that, the popcorn is nice and buttery, with a small dash of sugar and salt. Just the way great tasting popcorn could be. Of course, you could get fancy and add some seasoning, but that's optional. The robust taste is delicious and satisfying right out of the bag. Make sure to eat it while it's hot.

Are ACT II Kettle Corn Microwave Bags Healthy?

If you take a look at the nutrition label on many popular snacks, you'll be surprised. Some bags of chips include high amounts of saturated fats, while other popular meat snacks are made out of "mechanically separated beef." Does that sound healthy? When it comes to microwave kettle corn, there isn't a large list of ingredients. Kettle corn popcorn, once microwaved, contains healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, with only 2% of your daily value concerning total fat. For such a tasty treat, you'd expect worse, but Act 2 Popcorn is highly rated for more than one reason.

Are There Any Harmful Additives?

One might think that for kettle corn popcorn to be possible, there must be added chemicals. With Act II Popcorn, that couldn't be further from the truth. In addition to the positive health benefits, Act II Kettle Corn Popcorn only contains six ingredients. Additionally, this microwave kettle corn is gluten-free, so you don't have to worry about allergies. Enjoy that movie comfortably, while eating a delicious bag of Act II Kettle Corn Popcorn.

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