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Crafted in beautiful Italian 14k yellow gold, this woven bracelet is a beautiful piece appropriate for a variety of occasions. Perfect for casual looks, evening wear and everything in between, it's a wonderful gift for any jewelry lover.

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  • Metal: 14K yellow gold
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 21.75 grams
  • Italian gold
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This remarkable bracelet features a hollow, 3-row woven texture, beautifully made in Italian 14k yellow gold. 7.5" in length with a secure box clasp closure, this bracelet will find a place in every jewelry collection and bring smiles for years to come.

Why choose gold jewelry?

Gold combines the four characteristics of shining beauty, virtual indestructibility, extreme rarity, and ease of workability, making it the ideal metal for jewelry. By choosing gold jewelry, you choose a quality, unique piece of wearable art that will stand the test of time.

How do you care for gold jewelry?

Regularly checking your gold jewelry for noticeable scratches or changes to the gold surface will let you know when it is time for a cleaning. To properly clean your jewelry, use a soft bristled toothbrush and a bowl with a mixture of light soap and water. Dry your gold with a soft cloth. Although there are many ways to care for your gold jewelry in the comfort of your home, an occasional check-up with your jeweler is recommended to help perserve the high quality of your gold pieces.

What does "karat" or "14K" mean?

Karat is a unit of measurement, which represents the percentage of gold versus other metals in a piece of jewelry. Pure gold is too soft to support everyday use, so it is mix with other metals, called alloy. Pure gold is 24 karat gold, meaning 24 out of 24 parts (100%) are gold. That is how we get the karat percentage. The higher the number the larger percent of gold: 18kt, 14kt, 10kt, etc. So "14K" or "14KT" means a piece of gold jewelry is 14 out of 24 parts gold.

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