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  • 100% whole grain bread
  • 12 seeds and grains
  • 32 grams of whole grains per 2 slices
  • Brand may vary by region
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12 Grain Whole Grains Bread (24 oz.) from Oroweat® offers you slices of bread that are loaded with wholesome, nutritional ingredients.

What Wholesome Ingredients Are Included?

12 Grain Whole Grains Bread offers you wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat, sunflower seeds, oats, barley and brown rice. Each of these ingredients adds layer upon layer of delicious, nutritious flavor. Each loaf of this 12-grain bread is baked slower and longer to offer you the ultimate flavor and texture.

Health Benefits

12 Grain Whole Grains Bread offers you a variety of health benefits thanks to its nutritional ingredients. Starting with whole grains, whole grain breads like this one are made from whole grain kernels that feature the bran, endosperm and germ of the kernel. The bran is the hard, outer coating of the kernel and is filled with fiber, minerals and antioxidants. The endosperm is the middle layer of the grain and mostly consists of carbs. Meanwhile, the germ is the inner layer of the kernel and contains vitamins, minerals, protein and plant compounds. The use of all three parts of this kernel is what allows whole grain breads to boast so many health benefits. The health benefits of the best whole grain breads mainly provide support for your digestive health and heart health.

How Are Enriched Grain Breads Different from Whole Grain Breads?

Unlike the whole grains in this 12-grain bread, breads made from enriched grains do not contain as many beneficial ingredients. Enriched grain breads are made from refined flour. Refined flour is made solely from the endosperm of a kernel, instead of being made from all three parts of the kernel. The result is a flour that mostly contains carbs due to being produced from the carb-rich endosperm of the kernel. However, later in the manufacturing process, the lost nutrients are added back, except for the lost fiber. And even with the added nutrients, the enriched grain breads are not as nutritious as the 100% whole grain breads.

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