Add prescriptions to your account
Set up pharmacy access
Refill a prescription
You can reorder prescriptions online and pick them up at a Sam's Club pharmacy
Transfer a prescription
Start saving on your prescriptions by transferring them to a Sam's Club pharmacy in just a few steps
See prescription history
Access your list of prescriptions and their status
Manage family prescriptions
Fill prescriptions for other adults, children or pets
Find a Sam's Club pharmacy
You can contact or visit the nearest pharmacy to learn more

More benefits from the pharmacy

Save more with a Plus membership
Save more with a Plus membership
  • 5 free select generic prescriptions*
  • 600+ generics for $10 or less
  • Savings on brand name prescriptions
Order pet medications
Care for pets too
  • 200+ popular pet medications
  • Save on pet insurance
  • Easy transfers from your vet
Even more convenience
Even more convenience
  • 20 minutes or less to fill most prescriptions
  • Most major insurance plans accepted
  • Walk-in immunizations