Ziploc® Half Gallon Freezer Bags (144 ct.) offer convenience and strength for a variety of uses. The half gallon size is a versatile option because it is not too small and not to large.

Why Are the Ziploc Half Gallon Freezer Bags Popular?

These very useful plastic bags feature a flat, pleated bottom. This design element makes it so the bag stays upright for easy filling. No more spills while filling the bag with candies, leftovers or even soup! The Ziploc Half Gallon is a perfect size for small in-home storage spaces. It is also a perfect container for vacations or traveling. It it handy not only for food storage but also with organization. Ziploc bags currently feature Easy Open Tabs. This makes Ziploc bags even easier to use which makes life simpler.

How Ziploc Gives Back

Ziploc is also a participating partner in Box Tops for Education. This program allows members to earn money so schools can buy the things they need.

How Can Ziploc Freezer Bags Be Used?

Since storage and organization are such popular topics, many people are looking for ways to make more space without having to add an addition to their house. Ziploc Half Gallon Freezer Bags can be used for way more than just storing meat in a freezer. They are a great alternative to the typical Tupperware boxes or cardboard boxes. Oftentimes when you fill these storage boxes, there is still air present within the container. This air takes up valuable storage space. A Ziploc bag can have the air taken out of it, ensuring there is no wasted space in the bag. This makes them a great alternative to a simple storage box.

When using the Ziploc Half Gallon Freezer Bags for freezer storage, it is important to remember to write on the bag when you put the item in the freezer. Different foods have different freezing limits. Some items can only be stored for three months and others can be frozen for longer. Write down the date you store in the item in the freezer and what the item is, to help keep your freezer storage organized.

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