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Zarbee's Naturals Children's Sleep with Melatonin, Grape Chewable Tablets (30 ct.)

by Zarbee's Naturals |
Item # 980044455
Model # 700 |

Product Details

About this item

  • 30 count melatonin for toddlers
  • Developed by pediatricians
  • No drugs, dyes, alcohol, or artificial flavors
  • Safe for children three years and up
  • Promote peaceful night's sleep
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Making sure your child gets a good night sleep is essential. However, there are times when rest is a problem for everyone, even little ones as young as three. Whether it's because of travel or just random insomnia, using Zarbee's® Natural Children's Sleep with Melatonin, Grape Chewable Tablets (30ct.) can help your child fall asleep faster.

How Many Milligrams Do Zarbee's Natural Children's Sleep with Melatonin, Grape Chewable Tablets Have?

Zarbee's Natural Children's Sleep with Melatonin, Grape Chewable Tablets for kids sleep aid has 1 milligram of melatonin in each tablet as its active ingredient. While it is specially formulated to help children fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep, it is not designed for children under three years old. Children between the ages of three and five should only take it if a doctor recommends it, but no more than a single tablet.

Is Melatonin for Children Safe Every Night?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that tells your body when it is time to get ready for bed. It follows the circadian rhythm of your body and is believed to be affected by light as it is seen rising throughout the evening and the falling in the early morning hours. Because it is a naturally occurring hormone, parents often wonder if giving their little one additional melatonin at night will affect their ability to produce their own. While there are no studies that show any detriment to long term use, it is a good idea to consult your pediatrician before beginning a children's melatonin gummies regimen.

Is Zarbee's Sleep with Melatonin Habit-Forming?

Zarbee's melatonin gummies are not habit forming. They are made from a natural source of melatonin, not an addictive chemical. However, if you see a need to give your child melatonin for sleep multiple times a week, it may be time to speak with your child's pediatrician to determine if there are any other underlying causes for your child's wakefulness.

What Are Side-Affects of Melatonin Supplements for Children?

Studies of children taking melatonin gummies for kids show there are no long-term side effects for children receiving the supplement for a short-term solution. However, some children react adversely to the melatonin and experience headaches, dizziness, stomach pain and nausea. If your child experiences these symptoms, you may speak with your pediatrician before continuing the treatment.

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