The Backyard Discovery® Woodland Cedar Swingset is made from real cedar and features an exciting design that can entertain many children at one time. There is an upper fort with a wooden roof to give the kids a real "treehouse" feel. The fort area also has observation windows on each corner for a bird's eye view of the surrounding area. When you walk out of the fort there is a sun deck that is accessed by a 5' high rock climbing wall. The rock climbing wall is not only interesting for the children but effective in developing upper body strength and improve grip. For kids that are not ready for the climbing wall, there is also a standard ladder that accesses the fort. Children can exit the fort with a slide which is basically every kid's dream. The fun doesn't stop in the fort, there are also two belt swings and a two-person ship's wheel glider for a unique swinging experience. The Backyard Discovery Woodland Cedar Swingset really focuses on maximizing space. Underneath the fort and slide is an octagonal playhouse with snack window and three built-in seats.

Will the Backyard Discovery Woodland Cedar Swingset Be an Eyesore in the Yard?

No. The cedar structure and green features make the woodland cedar swing set unlike most backyard swing sets because it actually blends into your backyard perfectly. Children that come over for play dates will go wild for this exciting woodland swing set.

Don't Wooden Swing Sets Create a Danger for Splinters?

As long as you properly care for your Backyard Discovery Woodland Cedar Swingset and treat it with a weatherproofing coat, the cedar should not splinter.

Can I Have a Woodland Wooden Swing Set if I Live in a Neighborhood With an HOA?

Each HOA has different regulations. You should contact your HOA directly and ask them if the Backyard Discovery Woodland Cedar Swingset is acceptable to put in your backyard before you purchase it.

Can Adults Use the Backyard Discovery Woodland Cedar Swingset?

This swingset is so unique that you might have adult guests asking if they can also play; however, it is best to not have too many adults on the set at one time. The weight capacity is intended for children.

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