Loaded with a HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Camera, this drone makes taking HD pictures and HD videos while in flight incredibly easy. Not only is this a high-flying drone, it's also a high-speed remote control car. Switch modes and easily transform from flying to driving. Take fun to new heights and capture the action in one click. Built-in Headless Mode makes it easy for beginners to learn to fly right out of the box. Headless Mode will keep the drone flying forward, backward and side-to-side, regardless of which direction the drone is facing. This makes flying intuitive and easy to master.

For expert pilots, this drone will surely impress. Switch to advanced mode for high-speed aeronautic excitement. LED lights make flying in the dark easy, with just a flip of a switch. Fly from dusk to dawn and all day long. Ready for tricks? One-key flips and rolls will impress your spectators on the fly. The 6-axis liquid crystal gyro keeps this drone stable and on course in a variety of flying conditions.

A built-in HD video camera lets you easily take pictures and stunning video during flight. Then, you can download the videos to share to your favorite social media sites. Plus, you can say goodbye to flyaways! With the newly upgraded auto land, one press of a button will bring your drone safely back home.

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