Get rid of grease and grime easily with these Wipex Table Bussers cleaning wipes. The natural formula avoids harsh chemicals to help keep these wipes gentle on your hands and surfaces. Designed for single-use applications, these Wipex Table Bussers prevent cross-contamination to help maintain hygiene standards, providing a perfect replacement to rags in the foodservice industry.

These Wipex Table Bussers cleaning wipes are rolled into a plastic bucket for quick dispensing, and the lids help retain moisture. The two-pack of 400 wipes in each bucket provides ample supply to keep up with the demands of busy hotels and restaurants, while the large size provides ample area for effective cleanup. Each disinfectant wipe cleans tables without leaving streaks to help maintain shiny and flawless surfaces for each new guest.

Quick, Effective Cleaning

Clean and disinfect tables effectively with these single-use Wipex Table Bussers cleaning wipes. With a natural cinnamon scent, these disposable wipes leave your tables and counters smelling fresh, while the streak-free and nonsticky formula ensures the surface stays spotless. The bulk packaging provides ample supply so your staff always have a wipe at hand for a quick cleanup.

Are these wipes scented?

A natural cinnamon scent leaves a pleasant fragrance that doesn't linger with these Wipex Table Bussers cleaning wipes.

What kinds of surfaces can these wipes be used on?

Use these Wipex Table Bussers cleaning wipes to keep nonporous surfaces tidy and germ-free.

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