Whirlpool Single Cup Coffee maker and Water Cooler Dispenser in Stainless Steel with Steaming Hot and Ice Cold Water

by Whirlpool |
Item # 980189323
Model # 8LCH-KK-SSF-HW |

About this item

  • Use your favorite K-Cup® or compatible coffee pods to brew the perfect coffee
  • Easily hides the unattractive water bottle in the bottom
  • Gorgeous full stainless steel front
  • With ice chilled water and steaming hot water for exceptional teas
  • Cold and hot system engineered for long lifespan
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    This Whirlpool coffee machine is compatible with various single cup pods, including K-Cup® pods. There are major coffee making advantages. The first is that it brews the coffee at the ideal temperature at 201°F. This is the same temperature used in high-end coffee shops to make full flavored coffee. Many countertop coffee makers are unable to get to a high temperature as they are not professional units. Another advantage is the massive reservoir size provided by the 5-gallon bottle. Countertop coffee makers tend to have small reservoirs that require frequent refilling. The third advantage is the fast brewing time. Small countertop units must first bring the water up to brewing temperatures before starting the brew -process. This dispenser keeps the water at brewing temperature, ready to make coffee right away.

    High Style

    Since the coffee maker is combined into the water cooler, there is no need to have one on the countertop, clearing up valuable space. Most stainless steel water coolers are a mix of stainless with up to half black. This model features an almost complete stainless steel front with minimal black trim. This complete stainless look blends in well with other high-end stainless steel appliances, looking fantastic in the kitchen or any other room.

    Always Cold Enough

    The ice chilled water is deliciously cold. In the heat of summer, iced water is incredibly refreshing. Most water coolers are not near as cold as refrigerator temperature. This water cooler forms a huge piece of ice inside the cold water reservoir. This keeps the water icy cold. The large piece of ice cools the water from the bottle very quickly. So even if several people drink water in a row, the water coming in from the bottle mixes with the ice, chilling it quickly. This means that this office is great for office use and large families

    Hot On Command

    Other water coolers built with standard technology are unable to keep a steadily hot temperature. Although they can heat up very hot, the temperature then starts to drop as the system cools down. The heating cycle then starts up again. Brewed tea is good when the water is hot, but bad when the water cools down. The Whirlpool water dispenser keeps the water in the steaming hot range. This ensures a reliably brewed cup of tea every time. The gentle heating technology resists the build-up of calcium scale. Scale forms in other water coolers as their rapid heating precipitates minerals out of spring water, forming scale on their heating elements. This causes inefficient heating, and may eventually break the heater. This water cooler's gentle heating technology slows scale buildup, significantly extending the lifespan of the heating system. 

    Energy Saving Technology

    The bottom loading function incorporates the most advanced technologies, such as an angled siphon that sucks the maximum amount of water out of the bottle. It reaches the outer rim of the bottle, which is the lowest point where the water collects. Other bottom loading water dispensers may leave over a cup of water in the bottle. The water dispenser comes with well thought out features, like the ability to turn the night light off when it is not needed. Likewise, energy can be saved by turning off the hot or cold water, each of which has its own dedicated power switch.

    Durable Design

    The specially engineered water pump can be run dry and doesn’t need priming. It is a quieter pump than normal and only runs when water is used, keeping the noise to a minimum at other times. The entire frame of the water cooler is constructed from solid steel, making it extremely durable. Tests show that it can take over 300 pounds of vertical compression pressure. This solid metal frame is reinforced with the stainless steel exterior to make a strongly constructed water cooler that will survive many years of heavy use. The water dispensing controls have been tested to over 1 million cycles and are designed for a lifetime of use.

    Reliable Lifespan

    The cooling system cycles very infrequently, turning the compressor on about 30 times less than others. This infrequent switching on extends the lifespan of the compressor and the thermostats. Every time an electrical product turns on, there is a power surge, which can eventually wear down the system, as when a light bulb pops after switched on. Turning on 30 times less than others leads to a greatly extended lifespan. This professionally built water cooler has been designed from the ground up with longevity and reliability in mind.

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