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  • Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon is made with real turkey
  • Gluten-free
  • No MSG
  • Just 45 calories per slice
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Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon (40 oz.) is made with real turkey and is a great alternative to pork bacon. Try out this delicious bacon for breakfast in the morning with other early morning favorites from your local Sam's Club.

About Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon

Godshall's bacon is smoked in a real smokehouse like traditional bacon, and because it is made from real turkey, it maintains its size as it cooks. You get to enjoy more flavor with less fat when you make the switch to this all-natural alternative.

Godshall's is the best turkey bacon whether you fry it, bake it or prepare it in the microwave.

To prepare Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon, you can fry it in a skillet over low heat. Turn the slices frequently and allow each side to brown evenly.

To bake Godshall's turkey bacon, place separated strips in a shallow pan. Bake for 15 minutes at 400°F. No turning needed.

To microwave Godshall's Turkey Bacon, place strips in a shallow microwave-safe glass container or a paper plate. Cover with a paper towel. Cook bacon on high power. Cook 2 strips for 1 1/2 minutes, 4 strips for 2 1/2 minutes.

What Is the Nutritional Value for Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon?

This uncured turkey bacon is a gluten-free product that contains no MSG. It has only 45 calories per slice and contains 89% less fat than traditional pork bacon. This turkey bacon contains no nitrates. It is not preserved and must be refrigerated below 40°F at all times for food safety.

Godshall's Turkey Bacon has 2 grams of fat, no carbohydrates, 20 mg of cholesterol and 6 grams of protein per slice. It is made from all-natural turkey thighs that are chopped and formed.

Ingredients include turkey, water, vinegar, sea salt, raw sugar and celery powder.

How Much Is in Each Package of Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon?

This 40 oz. package of Godshall's Uncured Turkey Bacon contains around 40 slices.

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