With Tropicana® 100% Orange Juice, Single Bottle (10 fl. oz.) you get all the natural goodness of oranges without the filler found in other orange juice brands. As a refreshing start to your day or a thirst quencher any time, Tropicana is always delicious and convenient.

    No Added Sugar

    While some orange juice companies add sugar, Tropicana Orange Juice does not add sugar to their drinks. Tropicana is pure orange juice which contains sugars that occur naturally in the fruit. 100% pure juice makes this one of the healthiest orange juice options on the market. The 10-ounce bottle has 140 calories. 

    Tropicana Orange Juice Ingredients

    Tropicana Juice is made from 100% pure orange juice concentrate and filtered water. Tropicana Orange Juice benefits offer 100% of your daily value of vitamin C in every 10-ounce bottle. It also provides 2% of your daily requirement of calcium, 10% of thiamin and 6 % vitamin B6. Pregnant women benefit from the 15% of their folic acid requirements.


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