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Tropicana Juice Blend Variety Pack (10oz / 15pk)

by PepsiCo |
Item # 477359

Product Details

About this item

  • 100% vitamin C
  • Two full servings of fruit in every glass
  • Delicious taste and nutrition
  • Between 140-160 calories per bottle
  • Includes Tropicana Fruit Punch (also called Fruit Medley), Strawberry Orange and Strawberry Kiwi
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Tropicana Juice Blend Variety Pack will instantly up the deliciousness of your beverage game whether at home, school or work. Juice up the breakroom at the office or provide a healthy alternative to soda at your concession stand. If you're in the foodservice industry, these juice blends will satisfy even the most discerning of customers. But beware: these delectable fruit flavors may conjure images of remote islands, palm trees, ocean breezes and joyful music being sung over the twangy strum of a ukulele. Each bottle is packed with Tropicana fruit juice and at least 100% of the daily value recommended for vitamin C. Two of the three flavors are also good sources of vitamins B and E.

Is This 100% Juice?

Yes. Each flavor in the Tropicana Juice Blend Variety Pack is made using 100% juice. There are two servings of fresh fruit juice in every bottle. Tropicana Strawberry Kiwi is made from fresh kiwi juice and fresh strawberry juice. Fruit Medley is made using apple juice, cherry, pineapple and grape juices. Strawberry Orange flavor is made using apple juice, grape, orange, pineapple and strawberry juices.

How Many Calories Are in This Juice?

Each bottle is a convenient and healthy 10 oz. portion, and contains between 140 and 160 calories depending on the flavor. It's a healthy alternative to soda, is more thirst-quenching and more hydrating for the body due to its increased levels of vitamins and naturally occurring antioxidants.

How Many Bottles Come In This Pack?

There are 15 bottles in the Tropicana Juice Blend Variety Pack, five of each flavor. There is a nice variety to each flavor to ensure that you don't get tired of one or another, but rather you are able to rotate through the flavors day by day to keep each one tasting new and exciting. Who knows, Mondays might call for Strawberry Kiwi while Wednesdays are more of a Fruit Medley situation. Or, tailor the flavor to your specific meal. Pair Strawberry Orange with your breakfast and save Strawberry Kiwi to wash down that turkey sandwich at lunch.

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