Legend has it that when we stopped burning candles in favor of electric light switches, it was a big deal. Similar innovations to make life simpler have been developed - people could clap their hands a couple times to turn the lights off with some older technology. The most unique option today is to turn on the lights with the simple press of a button on your smartphone. With TP-LINK® Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Multicolor LED Dimmable Light Bulb (2 pack), you can control when your lights go on from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an Internet connection.

What Is Useful About the TP-LINK Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Multicolor LED Dimmable Light Bulb?

In one word, convenience. Each Wi-Fi light bulb works in a way that makes it easier to control how often your lights go on, and when they go on. Schedule each TP-Link color bulb to turn on at 5:00, shortly before the time you arrive home from work. If you and your wife plan movie nights every Friday at 9 PM, then you can also set the smart LED bulb to turn on before you walk in. That way, you won't have to worry about dropping any popcorn while trying to find a light switch.

What Makes the TP-LINK Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Multicolor LED Dimmable Light Bulb Easy to Use?

The TP-Link smart bulb can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or any device that can use the Kasa mobile application. Simply download the application, ensure your Wi-Fi connection is active, and you can control either TP-Link Smart Bulb. Most importantly, you can synchronize these colorful bulbs with the TP-Link Smart Plug. If you have any products plugged into the outlet, you can turn those on and your lights at the same time.

What is a Situation Where These Bulbs Would Be Helpful?

Imagine it being pitch black outside and you forgot to leave your porch light on. Instead of spending 10 minutes in the darkness trying to find the keyhole, you can switch on your TP-Link Bulb and go right in.

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