Having the ability to control items in your home remotely is one of the most significant benefits of the internet-of-things. TP-LINK Kasa Smart Wi-Fi White LED Dimmable Light Bulb (3-pack) gives you the ability to control your lights even when you are away.

Can You Connect a TP-LINK Bulb to Voice Control Devices?

The TP-LINK Kasa Smart Wi-Fi White LED Dimmable Light Bulb is connectable to voice control devices such as Google Assist, Alexa and Microsoft Cortona. You can use your voice to control your lights. You can turn them on and off or dim them down to 1% power.

Can You Use a Wall Dimmer with TP-LINK Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Dimmable Light Bulb?

While these are dimmable light bulbs, they do not work with dimmer switches. You have to use the Kasa application on your phone or tablet or one of your voice control devices such as Alexa or Google Assist to control the setting. You can turn them off or on with a wall switch but not the light intensity.

Can You Use TP-LINK White LED Dimmable Light Bulbs in An Enclosed Light Fixture?

The Wi-Fi light bulb does not generate hat. The lack of heat generation allows you to use the bulbs in an enclosed fixture if you desire. However, you must ensure that the light can receive the necessary Wi-Fi signal to operate. If the bulb loses the signal, you may not be able to control the light as you desire.

Does the TP-Link Smart Bulb Have Settings for When You Are Away?

One of the best features of the Smart LED is that you can set the lights to turn on or off on a schedule. The away mode allows you to give the illusion that someone is home, even when you are not. If you forget to set the program, you can always use your phone app to turn on the lights while you are gone so that you do not return to a dark house.

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