The Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair utilizes the newest technology in the industry. The S-track roller on the Comfort 7 model allows the user to receive a massage from the neck all the way down to the lower lumbar. The chair features six modes of manual massages and three preset programs, which are easy to navigate with a user-friendly remote control. Multiple air bags are located within the upholstery of the arms and foot portion of the chair, which apply soothing pressure for aching muscles.


Soothing Back and Neck Massage Soothe tight and aching muscles with this high-tech, padded massage chair. The Titan 7 provides a thorough back and neck massage, thanks to the S-track roller that directs the massage from the neck, all the way down the back, to the sacral joint. The auto-reclining chair works on every area of your spine with six modes of massage, including vibration. Take advantage of the relaxation and health benefits of getting a massage at home anytime.



Customizable Remote-Control Settings Sit back, relax and feel pampered with ease. The Titan 7 Massage Chair features remote-control operation for your convenience. This model allows you to customize your experience by preprogramming the remote for up to three massage mode settings. Designed with the latest technology, the user-friendly remote control is easy to navigate. Simply push a button to select from one of your preprogrammed settings and start the massage that you need to relax specific groups of muscles.


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