This massage chair will work wonders on a stressed-out body. Two built-in lumbar heaters placed in the backrest provide soothing heat in the lower back region. Along the outer hip area, air bags compress inward to squeeze the thigh area. Located in the seat base is a vibration plate that provides massage to the back of the thighs. Along the outer edges of the left and right side of the backrest, a set of air bags kneads the outer shoulder area.

De-Stress in Style and Comfort There are eight airbags, four for each arm massager. The air bags are carefully located to apply a deep massager to the forearms and wrists. The air bags inflate and deflate along the top and bottom, mimicking the feel of hands squeezing the arms.


Relax with the Push of a Button The foot and calf zone features a total of 16 airbags, each positioned to target vital muscular areas. The airbags inflate and deflate, creating a squeezing and kneading action. Lower bottom rollers knead your feet just like an actual masseuse. Along with a convenient remote, this compact design is equipped with a large LCD display screen packed with features.

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