The Backyard Discovery® Thunder Ridge Cedar Swing Set/Play Set is an exciting outdoor structure where children can let their imaginations run wild. The Thunder Ridge swing set features a two-person wheel glider that your child and your friend can ride on to imagine what flying through the air feels like. Children can climb up to the upper fort and look out around the backyard as if they are pirates searching for land.

The upper fort features a roof to give the children a break from the sunshine and allows for a bird's eye view of the surrounding areas. Attached to the upper fort is a side porch with that has an interesting pergola top. Underneath the Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge Cedar Swing Set/Play Set there is a lower fort which is a shaded area with a front wall and large chat window. There is a real door that can be used to enter the fort and a sidewall with a snack window and built-in bench to give kids a place to eat a snack while protecting themselves from the sun.

The upper fort can be accessed with monkey bars which are a great aspect of the Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge All Cedar Playset because they encourage the development of upper body strength and coordination. Finally, it wouldn't be a Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge without a slide, so there’s a 10-foot speedy slide for children to use to get down from the upper fort.

Will My Yard Look Unattractive with the Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge Cedar Swing Set/Play Set?

No. The wood playset swing set blends into the natural surroundings in your backyard and does not take away from your landscaping.

Can More Than One Child Play on the Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge Cedar Swing Set/Play Set at a Time?

Absolutely. There are multiple aspects of the playset that can be accessed by multiple children at the same time. This is a great place for friends to enjoy time together and siblings to share.

Do I Need to Hire Someone to Assemble the Playset?

No. The playset is designed to be easily put together when the instructions are followed.

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