The Thomasville Sensation 15" Air Mattress gives you comfort, support and convenience at a moment's notice. Designed with an offset, coil-in-coil structure, you'll have unmatched, bed-like support for a truly incredible night of sleep. The Sensation comes packaged with Thomasville's powerful electric express pump that rapidly pulls air in and out of the mattress for lightning fast inflation and deflation. The Express Pump also includes an adapter to convert the pump for use with other inflatable items.

Customize your Sleep Comfort

A patented one-touch button system allows you to adjust the mattress from firm to plush and everywhere in between. Find your ideal firmness level and keep it that way thanks to Thomasville's ultra-durable, puncture-resistant, vinyl construction that locks in air for all night comfort so you never have to deal with the middle of the night dip in the mattress. The supreme comfort and adjustability of the Thomasville Sensation is nothing short of sensational, meaning you can experience the comfort and class of Thomasville whenever and wherever you need it.

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