This teak ottoman not only adds an air of elegance, it's a comfortable place to put your feet up while lounging. Simple, architectural lines set it apart, while a thick comfy cushion complements both traditional and modern environments.

The ottoman is 26.75" L and 23.5" W. Height is 16.25".

Why Teak

Teak is the most durable and weather resistant wood on the market and was used in shipbuilding during the middle ages. Teak wood requires less upkeep than most furniture and doesn't need to be painted or varnished on a regular basis in order to maintain its quality and shine. It has a natural oil within the golden brown wood that preserves it from rot and decay. After some time in the sun, this amazing wood matures into an elegant patina gray which looks just as stunning.

When you purchase teak furniture from Joshua Lane, you can rest assured that you're buying from a company that promotes an ethical and sustainable approach. Responsibility in safeguarding wood plantations falls to every part of the production chain - from harvesters, manufacturers, and distributors to consumers. We're dedicated to creating jobs for local people, supporting those communities, and adhering to responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

Teak Maintenance

Teak wood, when left bare and unsanded, will fade to a natural sliver-gray color. This silver-gray color transformation does not in any way affect the durability of the furniture or the wood itself. To maintain the smooth finish and golden brown color of your teak furntiure, you will need to sand the furniture regularly. To prolong the period of time needed between sanding, teak oil may also be applied. If you choose to apply teak oil, apply every 6 months, or follow the teak oil container directions.

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