Packing and shipping is a vital part of most businesses. Using the Duck® - Extra-Wide Packaging Tape Dispenser, 3"" Core – Green allows you to package orders quickly and use less tape than you may use with smaller dispenser guns.

    How Many Rolls Come in the Duck Extra-Wide Packaging Tape Dispenser?

    The product does not come with rolls of tape. It is only the packing tape gun for use with Duck brand packing and masking tape. Its design is for use in warehouses and for shipping companies to seal packages and other containers.

    What Material Is the Duck Extra-Wide Packaging Tape Dispenser?

    The Duck masking tape dispenser is constructed from durable metal. The heavy-duty construction allows it to be utilized in even the harshest environments. It is perfect for areas where the device may be handled roughly or dropped on occasion. Despite any excessive use, the gun continues to roll out tape as needed for workers to complete their shipping orders.

    How Do You Load the Packing Tape Dispenser?

    Loading the dispenser is a little different than competitors packing tape guns. First, place the roll of tape in the center core of the weapon. Then pull the tape through the space between the black roller and the metal clip below it. Once threaded, you can begin using your dispenser. The black roller helps you smoothly place the tape across the box when you have distributed the appropriate amount of tape tip the top inward to employ the metal cutter to trim it off the excess with a single stroke. The plastic guard on top helps you to manage the gun while keeping you from cutting too far with the cutter.

    What Size Tape Is the Handheld Tape Dispenser Used?

    The heavy-duty tape dispenser holds 3” wide tape. It negates the need for multiple passes with the tape gun to seal the box. It can accommodate tape rolls up to 54.6 yards in length.

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