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  • Sesame seed burger bun recipe
  • Perfect for burgers and sandwiches
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Not much beats the taste and richness of Sunbeam Jumbo Seeded Buns.

What are Sesame Seeds?

Sunbeam Jumbo Seeded Buns contain sesame seeds, but what are they? Sesame seeds come from triangular-shaped sesame fruit pods that look similar to okra. The plant is cultivated in many regions of the world but is primarily grown in India, the largest exporter of sesame seeds in the world. Sesame plants are able to withstand drought and can grow up to 3.5 feet in height. The oil-rich sesame seeds are commonplace in the United States and can often be found on pastries, breads and hamburger buns, including whole wheat hamburger buns like Sunbeam's.

Why are Sesame Seeds on Hamburger Buns?

Most hamburger bun recipes call for sesame seeds, like Sunbeam Jumbo Seeded Buns, but why do people put these seeds in burger bun recipes in the first place? Apparently, putting sesame seeds on burger buns started in the 1950s in an attempt to make the buns appear more luxurious and rare than other buns. There really is no solid evidence as to what sesame seeds add to a hamburger bun recipe. Some say that it adds texture and flavor, while others argue that it's merely for added grip for the greasy burgers. Whatever the case, all that's known is that sesame seeds started out as a way to make your buns appear special, but now it has become common for companies and for homemade hamburger buns.

Sesame Seed Benefits

While it's not really known why sesame seeds are added to burger buns, there are plenty of health benefits known surrounding these mystery seeds. They provide a high amount of fiber and protein, while also potentially boosting skin health.

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