Making coffee while camping makes starting the day in the wilderness 100% better. The Enamel 8-Cup Coffee Pot w/ Percolator & 4 Mugs allows you to brew enough fresh coffee right over the fire for yourself and for your friends. The simple design of a percolator coffee pot makes coffee brewing easy because all it needs is water and coffee, no filters. In addition, the stainless steel interior of the coffee percolator holds up to the inevitably harsh camping conditions, so you can bring this pot along with you for years to come. When you love camping, you understand how much easier a camping percolator coffee pot makes it for you to get out of your cozy tent in the morning. The enamel cups in the Enamel 8-Cup Coffee Pot w/ Percolator & 4 Mugs are strong, but relatively lightweight, which makes them easy to bring along. The durability of the materials allows you to keep your coffee hot while not worrying about your mug breaking if it comes in contact with a rock.

Can I Use a Camping Coffee Percolator on a Camping Stove?

Yes. The base of the camping percolator coffee pot works with camping stoves. For the smaller, minimalistic camping stoves, you can find adapters that make the surface larger above the flame and you might consider using one of these adapters with the pot in the Enamel 8-Cup Coffee Pot w/ Percolator & 4 Mugs set.

Can I Use the Coffee Percolator for Other Camping Tasks?

Campers know the benefit of items that have more than one purpose. While the percolator coffee pot is intended to be used to just make coffee, you can use it to boil your water for tea or to refill your water bottles with river, lake or stream water you find. Be sure that if you’re using the pot to disinfect your water that you’re aware of how to properly sterilize water and not leave a residue of the unsterilized water.

How Can I Wash My Camping Coffee Pot?

You can wash the coffee percolator like you would wash any of your larger pots; by hand is best. Pay specific attention to any coffee build up and remove that as soon as possible to make cleaning easier in the future and prolong the life of your percolator.

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