ECR4Kids® Assembled Stackable Standard Cots are the perfect solution for daycares, preschools or any other place that needs a temporary bedding solution. Toddlers or preschool-aged children will enjoy napping on these comfortable elevated sleeping cots.

Can the Fabric Cover Be Taken Off to Clean?

The ECR4Kids Assembled Stackable Standard Cots in Blue have a fabric cover with a loop-lock closure that has a dual purpose: either for adjusting to make the fabric tighter or to easily remove for washing. The fabric can quickly and easily be removed for you to wash it when needed.

What Age and Size Are These Cots Meant for?

This specific model of ECR4Kids Assembled Stackable Standard Cots in Blue is designed for kids ages 3 to 6 years old. The size of the cot is 6”H x 52”L x 23”W. Children as tall as 50” high can still comfortably fit on this specific design. ECR4Kids offers various sizes in different models to progress with growing kids. The model number for this cot is ELR-16111-BL.

What Materials is the Cot Constructed of?

While many cots use plastic poles for the main body of construction and support, the ECR4Kids Assembled Stackable Standard Cots, Blue uses powder-coated steel poles with sturdy plastic corners. The main mat is washable, and made out of a polyester material that provides strength, durability and flexibility.

How Many Cots Can Go in a Stack?

While this specific item is a stackable pack, the total number of cots that could be stacked together could be 20 based on the ECR4Kids company. This, of course, ensures that they are safely stored and accessible without needing to climb on them and that they are safely away from kids that might see them as a climbing option as well.

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