Convenience is key, and on-the-go beverages like those in the Sparkling Ice Coco Cabana Variety Pack are the perfect solution. Quench your thirst—and your summer flavor craving—any time of day. The unforgettable fizz everyone loves comes in a flavor concoction for everyone, too. 

    Which Flavors Come in the Sparkling Ice Coco Cabana Variety Pack?

    An array of adventurous flavors makes these variety packs ideal for families and groups that have a mix of flavor faves. With the Sparkling Ice Coco Cabana Variety Pack, citrus lovers can enjoy a bottle of lemonade or pink grapefruit, and those who want a more tropical treat can dive into the coconut pineapple. This pack also contains a Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor, for those who love a refreshingly good surprise.

    Great Taste, Plus Tons of Vitamins and Antioxidants

    No calories and no sugar mean no guilt, but you’ll find all the satisfaction your taste buds long for. Every bottle packs an impressive flavor punch along with plenty of essential vitamins and antioxidants, unlike those other flavored waters on the shelf. 

    Is Sparkling Ice Sparkling Water a Convenient Travel Option?

    Yes! It’s perfect, in fact. Grab a bottle to go or load up a variety pack for your summer adventures. Each bottle is 17 fluid ounces, ideal for purses, totes and weekender bags. Variety packs are easy to stack in the trunk for road trips and vacation fun. Toss a few bottles in your car for those moments you’re reaching for a beverage but don’t have time to stop. The Sparkling Ice Coco Cabana Variety Pack is also ideal for the office, when you’re stuck inside and need to channel those summer island vibes or pack the break room with a mix of bubbly beverages the whole team can enjoy.

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