Sirloin Tip, Bulk Wholesale Case (piece count varies by case, priced per pound)

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  • Beef knuckle is suitable for a variety of cooking methods
  • Both dry and moist cookery can be used to prepare a roast
  • Great when enhanced with value-added marinades, sauces, accompaniments and side dishes
  • Aliases: Knuckle, Round Tip, Sirloin Tip, Tip

Case Sale item image not to scale. Please refer to unit and case sale weights to determine actual size. 

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Sam's Club is having a case sale of sirloin tip (piece count varies by case, priced per pound). Make dinner special with of the best sirloins around. These delicious sirloin tips cook up great in a skillet, in the oven or out on the grill. It can be turned into countless delicious dishes. Tell the family to show up hungry, because it’s a steak dinner kind of night.

How Do You Buy Sirloin Tips From Sam's Club?

Buying meat from our in-house butcher shop is easy. Because of the unique nature of ordering fresh sirloin tips online, we need a 24 hours notice to ensure we can get the cut you want. Your sirloin tips might be available for pick up sooner—if that’s the case, we'll be sure to let you know. Because of the nature of buying fresh steak, online pricing and availability can change before we have a chance to update our website.

When Do I Pay For My Sirloin Tips?

You can provide payment information right now online or in-club, whichever you prefer. However, keep in mind that your final payment will always be in-club when you pick up your sirloin tips, so you’ll have a chance to inspect and approve them before finalizing the transaction.

What Can I Make With Sirloin Tips?

Sirloin tips are one of the most versatile proteins out there. They show up in culinary cultures all over the world. Some of our favorite recipes include sirloin tips in a mushroom sauce, Italian-inspired lemon garlic sirloin tips over pasta and balsamic-glazed sirloin tips with caramelized onions in a spicy sauce.

Case Sale Orders

  • Order requires 24 hours advance notice, although the item may be available for pick-up sooner
  • Given the nature of the item, online pricing, quantity and/or availability may change without notice and is subject to market demands
  • Payment information may be provided either online or in-club, but final payment will always be in-club at time of pick up
  • Item may be rejected prior to final payment in-club for any reason and after purchase will be subject to the Sam’s Club® Return/Refund Policy

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