This SHINE by NIGHT Better Hair In Your Sleep Satin Beauty Pillowcase offers an overnight beauty solution for better skin and hair. The 100% charmeuse satin formula is designed to closely mimic the texture of natural silk for a luxury sleep experience. Unlike cotton or jersey pillowcases, these won’t cause friction on your hair, eliminating bedhead and extending the life of a blowout. It also helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels, preventing wrinkle formation and supporting a youthful glow. That means you’ll wake up looking as good as you feel. Don't miss the giftable packaging with a "To/From" feature for ease — the gift that keeps on giving!

How To Use

SHINE by NIGHT Better Hair in Your Sleep Satin Beauty Pillowcase fits effortlessly over your favorite standard- or queen-sized pillow. Machine washable. Tumble Dry.

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