When style meets functionality, you know you've found a worthwhile product. The Shelby High Leg Recliner with Kidney Accent Pillow is an attractive high leg recliner that is made with premium materials to maximize comfort. This high recliner chair rests on top of solid wood feet that give off an expensive look. It may seem like this high leg chair is expensive, however, in reality, it is the same price as many recliners on sale of a similar quality end up being. The Shelby High Leg Recliner with Kidney Accent Pillow is an economical piece that will add style and function to your collection of furniture.

How Do I Make the Shelby High Leg Recliner with Kidney Accent Pillow Recline?

To lay back and relax in this high leg recliner, you don't even need a lever. The push back reclining mechanism allows for a smooth transition into a resting position with hardly any effort at all.

Can I Lay All the Way Back in This Style of High Recliner Chair?

The initial recline is not completely horizontal; however, by pushing back a bit further, you will find yourself nearly perpendicular to the ground, which creates a comfortable position for napping.

Can I Clean the Fabric on This High Leg Chair If There Is a Spill or It Needs to Be Freshened Up?

The Shelby High Leg Recliner with Kidney Accent Pillow is covered in 100% polyester fabric. Polyester is a convenient fabric because if you get to a liquid spill immediately, you might be able to wipe it up before the liquid penetrates the fabric completely. If you have a spill that has been sitting or if something has stained the fabric, you can safely use a gentle cleanser like dish soap or laundry detergent diluted in some water to work at the stain without taking the chair to a furniture cleaner.

Can the Chair Be Moved After Assembly?

Yes. The chair only requires the assembly of two pieces; however, if you prefer to move the chair without disassembling you can use furniture sliders or the help of another person to reposition the chair.

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