The Hotel Concierge Suite Firm is designed expressly for the Hotel/Motel industry and meets all required standards. This bed features Serta’s Patented Advanced Comfort Quilt® for better circulation which prevents tossing and turning. With its exclusive locking system, Serta’s Perimeter Edge increases seating support and promises years of edge durability. Working in conjunction with the foundation, this perimeter edge system helps reduce side-to-side mattress movement and minimizes the impact of the one sleeper’s movements on another. The Hotel Concierge Suite Firm also features Serta’s Fireblocker™ technology, a precise blend of natural and synthetic fibers that isolates the impact of open flame and resists its spread into the mattress. It contains no harmful chemicals. In fact, today’s Perfect Sleeper is so comfortable, we say you’ll “feel the difference the moment you lie down.” And given our history that is a promise you know we’ll keep.

Bed Frame Not Included.

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