There are some things that just can't be replaced. The Executive Digital Safe EF4738E offers ETL Verified water resistant for 12" of water for 72 hours for your important records and cherished belongings. The EF4738E also offers multi-position interior shelves to keep your important items organized.

Top Security

This model is a 4.7 cubic foot executive safe which can be bolted down for additional security and peace-of-mind. Steel contruction means durable and reliable storage. A soft interior lining helps protect fragile or delicate items from being scratched. Multi-position interior shelving allows you to organize and store your important records and valued belongings. A battery operated digital locking system as well as 5 live-locks and 4 dead bolts for added advanced protection. An instruction manual is also included.  

Best Fire Protection

Third-Party Verified to protect your valuables in a fire for up to 30 minutes–the interior temperatures will withstand heat up to to 1400°F–before there is damage to your valuables.

Advanced Water Resistance

Third-Party Verified to protect your valuables in flood conditions (up to 12") for a minimum of 72 hours.


This safe has 9 oversized bolts, 3 multi-position shelves, carpeted interior and a bolt down kit is included to assist with the security of the safe.


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