This charming little Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse will give your kids the time of their life. Watch as their imaginations run wild. It’s easy to set up, too. This is the perfect outdoor playhouse parents and children will enjoy.

What’s on the Outside of this Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse?

This Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse boasts a beautiful wood paneled exterior with cobblestone accents, topped with a scalloped roof in an eye-catching sea blue color. On the roof is a decorative working weather vane you can use to determine which way the wind is blowing. Several white bay windows with hanging flower boxes and four upper windows are found on all sides to let natural sunlight in. A large open window is featured under the striped cafe-style canopy to serve guests and customers delicious food and drinks. Included with this outdoor wooden playhouse is a wooden bench for sitting by the serving window, front yard or backyard. Just let the owner of the home know you're there by ringing the doorbell.

What’s Inside the Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse?

This Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse contains enough room for your child to move around, while featuring a full play kitchen with included accessories. Swing open the front door and you’ll immediately find everything you need to turn your kid into an aspiring chef, including a color-coded kitchen sink, stove, pot, pan and spatula. Inside, you can find two double-sided chalkboards they can use to draw and decorate, as well as a play clock with movable hands.

Easy to Set Up Outdoor Playhouse

This playhouse features EZ Kraft Assembly™ makes setting it up as quick as possible so kids can have more time playing with their new adorable home.

More People, More Fun

Whether multiple adults, multiple kids or a mixture of both are playing, everyone will have a great time exploring the wonderful activities this house has to offer. Bring more fun to the house by inviting some of your children’s friends over. They’ll quickly turn the outdoor playhouse into a restaurant, home or little hideout. Place it in the yard, deck or patio and watch as they create their own games, role plays and scenarios.

Improves Child Development

Although this outdoor playhouse is only make-believe, it can help with your child’s development. When playing with other kids, children will begin to learn how to socialize, reason and cooperate with others.

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